"Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk." - Sir Francis Chichester when asked why he carried so much alcohol on his solo sail around the world.

Other PETERSON WIGGERS 37'S (sisterships)

Rapid Transit (1986)

Whiskers (1985 - Hull #9)

About Whiskers:
"We had hull #9 built for us by Andy Wiggers and sailed " Whiskers" for 22 years out of Annapolis. She was modified along the way to add 1.5 feet to the boom (E), remove all trim ballast from the bilge and re-shape and deepen the keel. She weighed 1000# less than designed and had more sail area, optimized for light air. The results spoke for themselves, the boat was a joy to sail upwind and with the deeper keel and bigger main much more behaved downwind. In a breeze we cranked on the runners and inhauled the # 3 and she really held groove, especially in the Bay chop.
Andy built a solid boat that held up very well through the years. My family was raised racing and cruising the boat, a splendid sailing platform, easily handled."

Diva (1985 - Hull #11)  For sale at Yachtworld

Gunslinger  - Ex: Rising Star and INTRUDER (Hull #2)
GUNSLINGER's shakedown sail... a peterson/wiggers 37'... boat originally from NY, but now racing out of ALYC, New Port Beach, CA.

What? A Tripp! - Ex: Spitfire (Hull #4)

About What? A Tripp!:

"I took out the mid cabin pipe berths on both sides, now there is a dinette on stbrd and a huge galley on port, plus a decent sized head. 2 burner stove and oven. We have had great fun with it cruising and racing. Look forward to many more years."

Absolute (1982)

Two days before the start of the 2012 Chicago Mac Race in CYC

"About Absolute...In September 1999 Art Mason and I (Don Hinckfoot) purchased the sailboat Absolute, a Peterson 37, built by Wiggins’, Ontario Canada in 1982, for scrap valve. Absolute sat in dry dock for over 5 years uncovered and none of the plug hardware was pulled in the bottom to allow rain water to drain and the water was over the engines oil dip stick. We spent the next two years repairing the deck and transoms fiber glass and balsa, replaced a number of the oak stringers along the bottom and up the side of the hull. A new 3-cylinder diesel engine with an angled transmission was installed on new oak motor mounts. The major renovations were completed in late May 2001. Absolute was purchased without sails and used sails had to be bought and re-cut for racing. July 2001 Absolute did its first major race, the Bayview Mackinac Race - long course (South Hampton). A used re-cut main was delivered late Friday night the day before the big race. This turned out to be Absolute’s first race and shake down since its purchase in 1999 and it finished 15th out of 18 boats. In the 2002 Bayview Mackinac Race Absolute finished 5th out of 20 boats in its class and in the 2003 Bayview Mackinac Race Absolute took a 1st place in its class. Absolute has done two Chicago Mackinac Races 2007 and 2008 (100 Th.). Absolute and the crew are looking forward to doing the 2009 Chicago Mackinac Race (101 St.) and continuing on for the 2009 SUPER MAC to Port Huron. Then turn around and compete in the 2009 Bayview Mackinac Race (85 Th) doing the old traditional long course the Cove Island Course ORR. Absolute is a great sailboat and since the time it was built in 1982 for racing it has loved to race. Art and I take great pride in Absolute and we’re proud that we were able to salvage Absolute to keep it racing."

Valour (Hull # 1)

Valour at anchor in Bermuda after finishing (doublehanded) the Newport - Bermuda

Blue Yankee

Fresh from the factory

Rising Star (Now called Gunslinger - Hull #3)


Tobasco - Ex : Abraxas