"Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk." - Sir Francis Chichester when asked why he carried so much alcohol on his solo sail around the world.

Monday, February 27, 2012

We're In!!!

Below is the acceptance for our "Request for Invitation" from the Chicago Yacht Club Mackinac Committee. Reader's Digest version...we're in. If you go to "Current Entries" you'll see that we're listed as an entrant, and the crew list.

As you read the letter below you'll notice that they mention a "Pre-Race Inspection," well, I've been notified that we've been selected.

Dear David Bonzon (Bootlegger):

The Chicago Yacht Club Mackinac Committee is pleased to invite you to enter the 104th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac, presented by Veuve Clicquot. This Invitation is extended personally to you -- it is not transferable to any other individual. We are working hard planning a world-class event for you and your crew.
Receipt of this Invitation does not guarantee you a place in the 104th Race. You must submit your entry online and pay the entry fee in order to reserve your place. Please note, if you have changed boats since your last Mac entry year, you are required to submit for approval a new request for invitation with the new boat information and crew experience through the "Request for Invitation" link on our home page; do NOT accept the automatic invitation listing your 2011 or prior year boat. We may request additional background information on each of the crew members to ensure that adequate seamanship and skill requirements are met. As provided in the Notice of Race, you must notify the Committee of any changes in crew. The Committee reserves the right to withdraw your invitation in the event it determines that the crew does not, in the Committee's judgment, have the necessary seamanship and skills for the Race. Please Note: For 2012, changes in minimum stability requirements (requirement 4.3) have been applied by division. Also note the Pre-Race inspection requirements (requirement 18); this is a new requirement for the 104th if your boat is selected.
Interest in this year's Race is remarkably strong and we expect another sold out race. While we want to accommodate all interested and qualified skippers, space constraints at Mackinac Island and St. Ignace may require us to set a limit. We strongly recommend that you submit your entry and fees as soon as possible.
Please go online using your login information below to double check your profile and to make sure it is still accurate and complete. Pay special attention to the crew information and be sure to include complete and accurate emergency contact information for every person on the boat. We consider this an important safety requirement. Also, please complete the "Tell Us About Your Boat" section - we may use this info in our commemorative Race program. You will need your User Name and Password anytime you wish to return to the site and should have it with you during Registration at Chicago Yacht Club on July 19 and 20, 2012. If you did not establish an easily memorized password, we encourage you to change it when you access your profile.