"Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk." - Sir Francis Chichester when asked why he carried so much alcohol on his solo sail around the world.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Crew Member for Mac

Jason Wiggins will join us for the 2012 Chicago - Mackinac Race bringing our crew numbers to seven. I know that in the past I've been adamant about going with six, but I think that Jason will bring a lot of energy, and will fill a hole that we had at the pointy end of the boat.

The Mac Race Committee has finally posted the NOR (Notice of Race) and is now accepting Request for Invitation.

If you go to page 8 & 9 of the 2012 Mackinac Safety Regulations for Monohulls you'll find the "Personal Equipment & Training" that each crew member is responsible to supply. I'll have PFD's on the boat, but everyone should supply their own inflatable PFD.

Refer to my earlier posting, "Tentative 2012 Schedule" for information on the race and the return trip.